BA / BSW Program

Orient College is affiliated to Tribhuvan University to offer three years BA/BSW graduation programme. All Bachelor programmes are run in the separate Bachelor Block in the morning shift from 6.30 a.m. to 11.00a.m Popular subjects like Sociology, Social Work and Major English are introduced in Humanities. Our experienced faculties, modern teaching learning methodology, fully equipped resourceful library and adequate focus on extra curricular activities definitely prepares youths for the shouldering of nation building process.



Orient is a center for academic as well as extra curricular activities equipped with student-centered friendly methods. Student of Orient have a great platform to explore in extra curricular activities such as sports, presentation seminars, excursions and social work camp. Need based trainings and workshops will be provided to the students for their personal and professional development such as professional report writing training, life skill and leadership development training, proposal writing workshop, CV writing workshop, simulation classes, Expressive Arts Therapy Workshop etc. In the yester years our students proved to be remarkably well in basketball, football, cricket at different tournaments and cultural performances. Outstanding performers have been awarded with different scholarships. The newcomers will also be given scholarships in the same criteria. The college has been providing a regular basketball coach. The college also encourages students to participate in other activities. Having realized the significance of all round development of our students’ personality, following groups and clubs are formulated. All these activities are governed by Extra Curricular Activities Department. 


The Rays is the annual college magazine to cater student\'s creative genius. There are also other monthly wall magazines handled separately by different classes and faculties. Humanities students have been running The Silver Lining and Management The Confession as well. College administration and faculty members are very cooperative to facilitate student in publication task. The members of publication groups occasionally carry out some surveys convening various topics. 


Students are encouraged to avail themselves of the basic range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Sports Club is endowed with the responsibility of organizing various intra/inter college competitions, friendly matches and occasional fun games.


Students of BASW are encouraged to be the member of Orient College Social work Club. This club will conduct various social work initiatives, trainings, seminars, days celebration and other projects within and out of the college. Such activities will add practical knowledge to be the professional Social Worker in future.


To provide the technical knowledge in problem solving process of social work, we provide expressive art therapy classes to the students. In this class they will learn to provide theraputic treatment to their client in helping process.  


We have forum a forum for exchanging ideas, experience and suggestions among students, teachers, parents, academicians and general people. Other matters of interest will be constantly uploaded.


A cozy rehearsal room is set in college premises for music lovers. In the annually conducted musical concert among the students, Orient has been winning the competition regularly. Orient Musical Band has bagged many awards in the Inter College Music Competition organized at different times. Orient Musical Band and Raudra Band often exhibit in various college based programs. 


Students of Orient have joined Wave’s Book Club. They attend the meetings at the British Council every month.


Orient Teachers Club (OTC) reserves a full-fledged right to organize programmes both independently and sometimes with students\' participation. Programmes like blood donation, documentary show, paper presentation, creative writing training, symposium rhetoric meditation any yoga are regularly organized. 


Faculty members at Orient emphasize on a realistic and practical approach for better understanding and competence in students\' respective fields. The team of dedicated and experienced teaching staff applies special skills to motivate students with the latest and simplified methods. The precious instruction bestowed by Visiting and Guest Lecturers has enhanced the appreciation of interdisciplinary mode. In order to materialize the concept of effective teaching learning activities, audio-visual media are constantly employed to a considerable extent. Periodical workshops, symposiums, exchange programmes and spiritual practices like yoga and meditation are other facets of our approach. We spare no effort to enable the young minds to be well informed, creative, critical, spiritual and responsible to the society and humanity at large.


1st Year

2nd Year

»Com. English

»Com. Nepali

» Major English

» Concept & Principles of Social Work

»Com. English

» Methods of Social Work

» Major English/ Fiction

» Major English /Drama

»Integrated Social Work 


3rd  Year


» Social Welfare Administration

» Major English/ Poetry

» Social Work Research

» Major English/ Critical

»Functional Paper/ Travel & Tourism   


» Each Year 250 hours of field work followed by Social Work Rural and Urban Camp is required for social work practicum.

» A seminar should be conducted by BSW 2nd tear students.

» Social Work Research report should be submitted by BSW 3rd year students.




Fees Breakdown for BA level

Admission Fee
It Covers:
(Registration, Library, First Aid, University Service Fees, Computer and other facilities)
Internal Exams (per term) Rs.
Security Deposits Rs.
Monthly Tuition fee Rs.
Form Charge Rs.



Transportation facility, by college bus, is available for all level students. Students and parents can park their vehicles in the parking zone in the college premises.


The College cafeteria is spacious enough to cater the students comfortably. The menu provides a wider variety and the menu changes periodically. Quality and hygiene of food is strictly maintained. The price is maintained at the possible minimum level


Orient College is focused to develop students \'WHOLE\' - academically as well as practically so that they could learn to work together, develop practical thinking, confidence and mature socially.Our students are encouraged to avail themselves of the basic range of indoor and outdoor sports.


Orient has been running a separate hostel with a naturally inspiring surrounding at a height in Maharajgunj. Peaceful and studious environment, proper supervision and guide by the skilled warden and a routined timetable with special coaching classes can comprise distinct study environment in the hostel. Boarders receive spacious and well furnished accommodation separately for boys and girls. To maintain hygienic and nutritious quality of food, a constant monitoring system is applied. The hostel canteen caters both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with periodical changes in menu. Despite all these facilities, we charge a relatively modest fee.


General requirement for BA is +2 or equivalent. But Admission Committee reserves the decision of eligibility in all streams based upon secondary level scores/grades and performance in the entrance examination. Students from boards and universities out of Nepal are accepted only when the documents are convincing regarding recognition and equivalence.