The Rays - College Magazine
‘The Rays' a college magazine that not only covers the Orient's activities but also throws light on different disciplines and sectors of knowledge. This college magazine provides students of mass communication a ground to expose their creativity, ability and efficiency of their practical knowledge in the field of media.

Spectrum '05 - The Publication Group
This is the publication group of Orient family. It is fully operated by the college students. The main task of this group is the publication of bimonthly (hopefully monthly from next session) wall magazine. Besides, it also handles the publication of annual college magazine – The Rays. It has also shown its keen interest and potential in managing different college based programs like managing different competition, conducting surveys and designing different outdoor programs.

Orient Bowling Club
This group is a joint effort of Orient College and for those who are interested or want to excel in Bowling. The flexibility in time schedule is one of the best aspects of this club.

Eco Club
To maintain a relation with Mother Nature, our students are involved in Eco Club. Through their club, they hold programs like gardenin, plantation, cleaning, public awareness, drama performance and other similar programs periodically.

Orient Teachers' Club
OrientTeachers Club (OTC) reserves a full-fledged right to organise programs both independently and sometimes in students' participation. Programs like blood dontaion, documentry show, paper presentation, creative writing training, symposium, rhetoric, meditation and yoga are regularly Organised.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities, designed to promote the interaction and self learning process from among the teachers, students and the society as a whole, include symposium, cultural programs, quiz contests, creative writing and presentation, welcome and farewell parties, picnics, field visits,excursion tours, etc.