Student Voice

Baffled by the hunt for my high school, I roamed to several valley colleges. Indeed tiresome, but remember that a dream doesn t become reality through magic it takes sweat, determination and hard work. And today, I feel proud of my endeavor, I feel proud to be with Orient family and I feel proud of my achievements. Today, I can realize my worth, thank you Orient! Believe me if you are unique in your way, Orient reckons it. It is not always that you should fly abroad for under graduation, there is no restriction to Nepalese universities as well as you can opt for any university in the world. Orienteers have proved it, be it in the field of medical or engineering.

Sashank Aryal(As Science) Shaping ones educational personality is effort full deed in itself and here at orient, I have changed my life. Apart from the enigma of books, I have earned several skills and I can feel the sense of maturity within me. Moreover I feel proud that I got such a chance to reckon myself as an international standard student. Thank you Orient.

Narayan Prasad Adhikari(A2 Science) Being a former student and an assistant teacher at present, I have found Orient College to be the best thing that has happened in my academic life. This college has provided me with an excellent academic background.

Shree raj Shrestha(Ex A-Level Student) The search for the best college is a tough job. But as saying goes “the tougher the quest is, the sweeter the fruit”, now I am realizing that my quest was very tough since my fruit is the sweetest. Orient enriched my life and enlightened my future. The precious ornaments of a college, discipline, environment and quality education are correctly manipulated by Orient. It takes a great amount of time and work to construct such a brilliant combination of management and quality. Thanks to this College and I am very proud to be an orienteer. College is not just for education, it is also for complete and sustainable self-development. This is what I am taught here at Orient.

Divesh Rizal ( A2, Science) Going to college, thinking it is going to be a perfect journey is unrealistic- there are hard times too But looking back to my two years, I can honestly say that Orient college is the best that has ever happened to me. Orient college offers a unique experience. It is academically very rich and it provides great environment for flourishing your talents in other fields as well.
Ramesh Jha ( A2, Science)